About Hayward Training...

Clare's story

Starting out as an English teacher can be quite daunting.  I remember being in the staff room of my first school and everyone seemed to know what they were doing and where they were going.  I was allocated a teacher ‘buddy’ (Roy) to help me which was a great help as my first two weeks with a closed group of Swiss teenagers felt like diving in at the deep end! 

I had moved from working in administration where I had itchy feet and when during an life-changing, backpacking journey, I discovered the wonderful world of ELT. 
There were times at the beginning that I often felt like a fish out of water.  I was very happy in my new career and excited about where this could take me but it felt like there was a lot to learn! I sometimes felt pressure to know everything at once.
It wasn’t until a few years later when I was studying my Trinity DipTESOL that I thought back to those first few weeks and wished two things:  that my buddy Roy had helped me for longer than just 2 weeks and that I had ‘reflected’ more often to inform my teaching more effectively.  With time, teaching felt very normal and I’ve made a good career out of it with varied roles but mostly as a teaching manager and trainer.  
I have built on my skills as teacher and trainer with various courses and learnings including my MEd in Applied Linguistics and this is where I can help you.  I know how much we can learn, develop and grow.  I can support you on your ELT path!  There’s a chance I have experienced the same things or asked the same questions.  As my recent client Jo said:  ‘Clare assured me that I was on the right track, and that the issues as a new teacher I am experiencing are usual.  She motivated me to keep trying and not give up’.
My own recent teacher trainer development includes gaining a further qualification in training (with Cambridge), exploring business options with Earn, Learn, Thrive run by Rachael Roberts, plus gaining over two years valuable tech experience with CANVA and more recently H5P. I currently run my own courses (inc. Canva) and create course content and deliver on Trinity CertTESOL and DipTESOL. I also coordinate teacher training for Yoga Teachers and volunteer as joint event coordinator for IATEFL TTEdSIG. All of these aspects mean I wear some different hats but thoroughly enjoy my varied freelance projects and being ‘boss free’.

What Hayward Training can provide.

With online mentoring or training you have access to a unique set of resources!

Academic support

My roles as teacher, teacher trainer and manager mean I can answer your questions from grammar to career advice; or lesson techniques to teaching pronunciation.

New online courses for 2022

I am working on a Canva for ELT teachers course plus a language course to help with your grammar teaching. More details to follow.

Support of an experienced specialist

With almost twenty years of teaching experience I can help, assist and sign post new ideas or areas of expertise.

Technical support

With an online provision which also helps with assisting in all things digital. Clare has over four years of teaching online and has learnt a lot she can share with you.

New friendly network

Expanding your teaching network is valuable for ideas, support and chat. It works like the staffroom in that you have a chance to help and be helped.