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My own ELT journey and how I can support you with yours.

How I began my ELT career and became an ELT Teacher Trainer….
My story is probably similar to yours and that is why I can support you in these early days and in the future.

Develop your teaching skills...

...with regular online training, resources or presentations.

Learn how to use Canva for teaching

with a NEW online course coming soon!

Teaching English grammar ...

... learn language and how to teach it.

My blog has interesting discussions and ideas...

"Thank you for the supportive way you have provided feedback and I have valued and appreciated your constructive comments. "
July 2020
"Your feedback is so helpful, thank you!  I am looking forward to putting all this into practice in the new academic year. "
June 2020
"I really liked our tutor, Clare. She taught me more in 4 days that I learned in university in 4 years. And I got to meet a lot of people like myself as a bonus!"
January 2021

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